Apr 03, 2020 · The Interstellar Ramjet in Science Fiction. It seems the Bussard Ramjet first appeared in a Larry Niven short story called “The Warriors” (1966). Later Niven used the Ramjet in his other fiction, inventing, I think, the term Ram Scoop. However I think the best known use of the Ramjet is Poul Anderson’s Tau Zero [26].
Nov 16, 2004 · NASA X-43A Monitor Station Operator Brad Neal performs final checks and pre-flight preparations aboard the B-52 for the third X-43A research vehicle Mach 10 flight on November 16, 2004. Takeoff of the B-52B mothership carrying the X-43A took place at 1 p.m., PST, with launch of the booster rocket/X-43A approximately an hour later.
Sep 21, 2018 · Results show that, compared with convergent nozzle, Laval nozzle is proved to improve the thrust of the engine, especially at relatively high velocity and gas mass flow rate. With the other conditions fixed, there is an optimum vessel velocity for the ramjet, in which maximum thrust is generated.
engine (TBCC), which is designed either with a turbine or turbo-ramjet engine (for example, the PW-J58 engine) plus a dual-mode ramjet (or ramjet-scramjet) engine. Ideally, a dual-mode ramjet engine would nominally start in ramjet mode at M ∞ = 3, then transition from ramjet mode to scramjet mode around M ∞ = 7, and finally perform in