Sep 10, 2015 · Download Project 64k for free. nintendo 64 emulator. Nintendo 64 emulator with Kailerra support for online play
Play Nintendo 64 games on your computer with Project64k. Project64k brings to life playing Nintendo 64 games via your computer. This emulator program brings popular Nintendo 64 games like Goldeneye, Diddy Kong Racing and more back to life.
Project64k is a modification of the open-source Project64 version 1.4 with a hacked support for Kaillera multiplayer network support (NetPlay). Nemu64 was the first to support online play, but Project64k is more famous because of Project64.
Netplay Support . Project64 does not Have Netplay Support but you can go to the Project64K Website which is a Modified. version by hotquik of the Project64 1.4 Source Code. Video and Audio . To find out more about Video And Sound click on the Video and Audio Sections. Advanced